Sorenson DCS Series Programmable DC Power Supplies
0 – 600V | 0 – 350A | 31 Models


  • Easy master/slave paralleling with active current sharingRemote Programming
    • Selectable remote programming for voltage, current and OVP
    • 16 bit programming through LXI -compliant Ethernet LAN / RS-232C (M130)
    • 12-bit programming through IEEE-488.2 / RS-232C  (Option M9C)Isolated analog programming (Option M51)
    • Multichannel slave interface (Option M85 or M131)


    • IVI-com driver for M130 option
    • Labwindows CVI driver for M9C option
    • Labview driver for M9C option




The Programmable DCS Family of 1 kW, 1.2 kW and 3* kW  programmable power supplies  utilizes unique packaging techniques to achieve continuous full output power (1 kW, 1.2 kW or 3* kW) in any volt/amp combination within the rated output voltage and current limits in a low profile chassis.  Demonstrated  large installed base over a long period of time, the DCS family provides a highly reliable power platform.

The Programmable DCS Power Supplies have an easy-to-use front panel with 10-turn potentiometers to adjust voltage and current settings that are displayed simultaneously.  LEDs indicate overtemperature, remote programming, shutdown and over voltage protection, status and constant-voltage/current mode operation.  The DCS 3 kW Models have push button control of the output standby mode, OVP reset, remote/local programming and preview status of voltage, current and OVP setpoints.

The Programmable DCS Power Supplies can also be controlled remotely.  Four analogue control modes are standard as well as isolated analog control (option).  Computer control can be accomplished over  IEEE488.2 GPIB (option) or LXI-compliant Ethernet (option)

* The 3kW must be limited to 2.5kW for 230Vac single phase input, 3 phase input is 208Vac only.


Programmable DC Power Supplies
Output VoltageOutput Current
1kW Models
Output Current
1.2kW Models
Output Current
3kW Model*
Sorenson DCS8-125E / DCS8-140E / DCS8-350E0-8V0-125A0-140A0-350A
Sorenson DCS10-100E / DCS10-120E 0-10V0-100A0-120A-
Sorenson DCS12-250E0-12V--0-250A
Sorenson DCS20-50E / DCS20-60E / DCS20-150E0-20V0-50A0-60A0-150A
Sorenson DCS33-33E / DCS33-36E 0-33V0-33A 0-36A-
Sorenson DCS40-25E / DCS40-30E/ DCS40-75E0-40V0-25A0-30A0-75A
Sorenson DCS55-55E0-55V--0-55A
Sorenson DCS60-18E / DCS60-20E / DCS60-50E0-60V0-18A0-20A0-50A
Sorenson DCS80-13E / DCS80-15E / DCS80-37E0-80V0-13A 0-15A0-37A
Sorenson DCS100-10E / DCS100-12E0-100V0-10A0-12A-
Sorenson DCS150-7E / DCS150-8E / DCS150-20E0-150V0-7A 0-8A0-20A
Sorenson DCS300-3.5E / DCS300-4E0-300V0-3.5A 0-4A-
Sorenson DCS600-1.7E0-600V0-1.7A --

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