KIKUSUI PWR Series Programmable DC Power Supplies
0 – 80V/320V/650V | 0 – 160A | 9 Models


  • Analog external control functions are available, providing voltage- and resistance-based output voltage and current controls.
  • The power supply comes standard with the remote monitoring function. External analog monitoring can be done with respect to the output voltage, output current, and operation mode.
  • A built-in power factor correction circuit (with power factor 0.98) for harmonic current suppression, as well as a highly efficient switching circuit.
  • A four-digit display can display the voltage, current, and power (W).
  • The power supply has front-side output terminals (up to 30 A) for desktop use.
  • Over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP), over power protection (OPP), and over heat protection (OHP) are provided as standard protection circuits.
  • A universal AC input supports a range of voltages from 100 V to 240 V.
  • Quick transient response
  • Low ripple noise voltage
  • Various safety functions
  • GPIB/RS232/USB control (optional function)
  • External analog control



The PWR Series offers 80V 320V 650V constant voltage (CV)/constant current (CC) automatic crossover Programmable DC power supplies that enable you to combine a wide range of voltages and currents within the output power rating. For example, the model that has an output power rating of 1600W (PWR1600L) provides a seamless operation range from 80 V – 20 A to 16V – 100A. With a single PWR Series power supply alone, you can cover an extensive output range equivalent to what is provided by three to six conventional single range DC power supplies. L type can output up to 160% of the output current rating (in the continuous and intermittent extended operation areas). PWR1600L supports a maximum output of 10 V – 160 A.

DC Power Supplies
Output VoltageOutput CurrentMax Power Output
KIKUSUI PWR400L Auto-Ranging DC Power Supply0-80V0-25(40*)A400W
KIKUSUI PWR800L Auto-Ranging DC Power Supply0-80V0-50(80*)A800W
KIKUSUI PWR1600L Auto-Ranging DC Power Supply0-80V0-100(160*)A1600W
KIKUSUI PWR400M Auto-Ranging DC Power Supply0-320V0-6.25A400W
KIKUSUI PWR800M Auto-Ranging DC Power Supply0-320V0-12.5A800W
KIKUSUI PWR1600M Auto-Ranging DC Power Supply0-320V0-25A1600W
KIKUSUIPWR400H Auto-Ranging DC Power Supply0-650V0-2A400W
KIKUSUI PWR800H Auto-Ranging DC Power Supply0-650V0-4A800W
KIKUSUI PWR1600H Auto-Ranging DC Power Supply0-650V0-8A1600W

* In extended operation area.

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