Delta SM6000 Series Programmable DC Power Supplies 0 – 300V | 0 – 400A | 7 Models


    • Very stable voltage or current 5.10-5 – 10.10-5
    • EMC: class B for Generic Emission. Can be used safely near sensitive equipment
    • Accurate voltage and current control by 10 turn potentiometers, optionally digital encoders
    • Programmable by Analog voltage
    • Optional Isolated analog, Ethernet, RS232 or IEEE488



The Delta SM6000 series programmable DC Power Supplies are ideally suited for bench or rack mount applications.

DC Power Supplie
Output VoltageOutput Current
6000W Models
Delta Elektronika SM15-400D0-15V0-400A
Delta Elektronika SM30-200D0-30V0-200A
Delta Elektronika SM45-140D0-40V0-140A
Delta Elektronika SM60-100D0-60V0-100A
Delta Elektronika SM70-90D0-70V0-90A
Delta Elektronika SM120-50D0-120V0-50A
Delta Elektronika SM300-20D0-300V0-20A

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