Delta Elektronika ES Series DC Bench Power Supplies
0 – 300V | 0 – 10A | 4 Models


  • Low Ripple
  • 10 Turn Pots for Voltage and Current
  • External analog control functions
  • Analogue read-back function



The Delta Elektronika BV ES0 150W CC/CV DC Bench Power supply has the following features. 0-5V analogue programming, voltage and current monitor, 10 turn pots for voltage and current, parallel and series operation. This unit can be controlled with the PSC series of power supply controllers.

DC Power Supplies
Output VoltageOutput Current
150W Models
Delta Elektronika ES 015-100-15V0-10A
Delta Electronika ES 030-50-30V0-5A
Delta Elektronika ES 075-20-75V0-2A
Delta Elektronika ES 300-0.450-300V0-0.45A

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