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KIKUSUI PCR-LE Series AC Power Supplies
KIKUSUI PCR-LE Series AC Power Supplies1-300V | 1-999.9Hz |0 - 60A | 7 Models
Kikusui PCR-LE AC Power Supply


  • Wide-ranging specs DC output also supported
  • Selectable response mode
  • Power line abnormality simulation
  • Various measuring functions
  • Sequence function
  • Sensing, Regulation adjustment
  • Output current control
  • Eco-friendly function (Power-conservation function)
  • External communication
  • Memory function
  • Standard supported
  • Front panel serving as a remote control
  • Downsizing
  • For "system interconnection tests" with reverse load flow
  • Specifications for large capacity
  • Excellent maintenance ability due to the unit configuration

  • Outline

    The PCR-LE Series is a new line of advanced multifunctional AC power supply that has been developed from our PCR-L/LA Series (linear amplifier type). The PCR-LE Series provides high reliability and can be applied to various applications, by taking advantage of the features that can control broadband waveform freely. Moreover, the PCR-LE Series can be configured as a core device of a test system combined with E-loads and Power Analyzers for “Grid Connection Testing” in regard to dispersed power generation, such as Solar Power, Wind Power, Fuel Cell, and Gas Engine referred to as “New Energy Field”.

    With various options, the low frequency immunity test and various power enviroment tests are supported. The options for parallel operation and three-phase operation enable you to expand a single-phase system up-to 27kVA, single-phase three wires up-to 54kVA, and a three-phase system up to 81kVA. The system can be applied to a large-scale EMC site for testing of industrial high-capacity air conditioners.

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    AC Power Supplies - Model


    Output Voltage AC


    Output Current AC

    Output Frequency

    Output Voltage DC

    Output Current DC


    KIKUSUI PCR500LE (500VA) AC Power Supply

    1-300Vac5A1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac3.5APlease Call

    KIKUSUI PCR1000LE (1000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-300Vac10A1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac7APlease Call

    KIKUSUI PCR2000LE (2000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-300Vac20A1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac14A
    Please Call

    KIKUSUI PCR3000LE (3000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-300Vac30A1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac21APlease Call

    KIKUSUI PCR4000LE (4000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac28APlease Call

    KIKUSUI PCR6000LE (6000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-300Vac60A1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac42APlease Call

    KIKUSUI PCR9000LE (9000VA) AC Power Supply

    1-999.9Hz1.4 to +/-424Vac63APlease Call